College Rules & Regulations

  1. Students must carry their identity card during college hours.
  2. A student has to maintain 75% attendance.
  3. Attendance in class as per university norms 75% is strictly enforced and is a prerequisite for appearing for final/University exams.
  4. Leaves are granted for valid reasons only.
  5. Students are not expected to go out of campus during their class hours.
  6. Use of mobile/cell phones along the corridors or in the classrooms is strictly prohibited and will lead to strict action against student.
  7. If any student is found involved in any kind of ragging activity, he/she will be suspended immediately.
  8. Students are expected to make use of the library services during free hours.
  9. Important notices/ notifications/ circulars etc. are displayed at separately allocated notice boards and information corners, students are expected to make it a practice to regularly read such displayed informations.
  10. Sessional examinations and assignment are compulsory for all students. A disciplinary actionwill be taken against the student using unfair mean in sessional/University examination.
  11. Use of helmet is mandatory by students.