Principal Message

Every entity of this universe has its own significance and existence in human life of this metabolic world. Even a little knowledge of any kind can do tremendous miracles in this universe just like the knowledge of anatomy, atomy and cytology.

It goes without saying that the main motto of MRK Group of Institutions is holistic development of the students, creating lawful citizen, pioneer and dux of the world.

The main emphasis of Group of Institutions is to instill, ethics, moral values, inquisitive nature, scientific attitude and developing affable nature in the minds of the students.

More over the entire college system sincerely concentrates upon developing meta cognitive skill to fortify capabilities of the students to scale new heights and gain lofty principles

So, MRK family is immensely pleased to welcome you to Mata Raj Kaur College that aim at providing quality education in the drastically changing fields of science & Commerce.

Dr. D.P.S. Saini

M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D (Maths)
(President’s Silver Medalist)