MRKIET - Best Engineering College

Smt. Sunita Rao, the founder of the MRK Institute of Engineering and Technology, was born in Rewari in the family of Raja Rao Vijay Pal Singh. Apart from being good at sports like volleyball, badminton and chess, she was brilliant, brave and empathetic since childhood. She married Mr. Anil Rao, the grandson of Mata Raj Kaur and provided various employment opportunities through different small-scale industries as she understood the value and need for technical education. She founded an engineering Institute for the upliftment of people residing in rural areas. She passed away on 19th November 2010, leaving behind this gift of education in the form of an engineering and technology institute.To breathe a new life into the name of Late. Mata Raj Kaur, Late Smt. Sunita Rao established the Mata Raj Kaur Institute of Engineering and Technology intending to reflect her foresightedness towards the need for young technocrats, especially in the rural region.

She believed that every child should have access to top-class education within the local environment which allows them to retain their cultural values and family affiliations, thereby accelerating overall upliftment of the society and nation.
This vision and insight guide us to maintain a level of enriched education in our institute and we abide to follow them throughout.