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The college governing body plays a crucial role in the administration and management of educational institutions. Composed of a diverse group of individuals, including trustees, faculty representatives, administrative staff, and sometimes student representatives, the governing body serves as a decision-making authority responsible for the overall functioning of the college.
Their primary responsibilities include establishing institutional policies, approving academic programs, setting tuition fees, and overseeing the financial health of the college. They also play a vital role in strategic planning, ensuring the institution's long-term sustainability and growth.
The college governing body serves as a bridge between the college and its stakeholders, fostering effective communication and collaboration. They are responsible for maintaining transparency and accountability, ensuring that the college operates in the best interest of its students, faculty, and staff.
By providing guidance, support, and governance, the college governing body contributes to the development of a vibrant and inclusive learning environment, enabling students to receive a quality education and empowering them for future success.


S.No Photo Name of the Member Designation of the Governing Body
1 Mr. Anil Rao President (Mata Rajkaur Education Society, Rewari)
2 Mr. Abhimanyu Rao Managing Director, Mata Rajkaur Institute of Engg. & Tech, Rewari.
3 Dr. Raj Kumar Senior Advisor
4 Prof.(Dr.) Navdeep Malhotra YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad, Haryana.
5 Nominee AICTE, New Delhi, Govt of India
6 Dr. B.L Raina Vice Chancellor SUNRISE University, Alwar
7 Prof. K.P.S. Mahalwar Deptt. Of Law, M.D. University Rohtak
8 Nominee Directorate of Technical Education Govt. of Haryana.
9 Mr. Rohit Yadav Industrialist, SARD Metals Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.-45, Sec.-3, Faridabad, Haryana