MRKIET - Best Engineering College


Green Campus’ is the mantra of our institute. The Eco-Club organizes activities with the sole aim to provide eco-friendly and academically conducive environment in the campus.
MRK College Campus is a vibrant and dynamic educational institution situated in a picturesque location. Spread across a sprawling area, the campus offers state-of-the-art facilities and a conducive learning environment for students. With well-designed buildings and modern infrastructure, MRK College provides a seamless blend of academic excellence and extracurricular activities. The campus boasts well-equipped classrooms, advanced laboratories, a well-stocked library, and sports facilities to nurture holistic development. The college also emphasizes the use of technology in education, with smart classrooms and a dedicated computer center. MRK College Campus serves as a nurturing hub for students, fostering their intellectual growth and shaping them into responsible individuals ready to face real-world challenges.



MRKIET offers a superb boarding complex to its students. The rooms are well- ventilated, elegant, cavernous and cozy. Two students stay in a room comfortably. There are adequate security arrangements for protecting the students from any untoward incident. The Hostel Superintendents cum Counsellors interact with the students amicably and Solve their intractable problems with astonishing ease.
The boys’ hostel has the capacity of about 200 boys whereas the girls’ hostel can house 100 girls Hostels have Common Rooms, Gym, Badminton Courts, Volleyball ground and facilities for other indoor games.

Common Rooms:

Spacious Common Rooms are provided in all the hostels, which are a place for constructive activities like indoor games, discussions and get together within the hostel. Indoor games like carom board, chess, table tennis are provided within the hostels. There is a separate Badminton court in both the hostels and sports equipment is provided from the hostel’s sports committee.


Well-furnished and spacious rooms are there for boys and girls each. There are cubical as well as dormitories for the students. Each room is equipped with a bed, a study table, study chair, almirah and an easy chair.


We have a feeling that Mess is the soul of hostel facilities, so we maintain the quality of food and the hygienic conditions inside the mess under the supervision of a competent food quality supervisor ( as a permanent staff).
The hostel provides the students with daily newspapers and various magazines to make them aware of the daily happenings of the world.


Spacious and well-equipped canteen facility is available at Mrkiet campus. A complete and planned meal is served in neat, clean and hygienic surroundings. Apart from north and south Indian nutritious break-fast, lunch and dinner, Tea, coffee and soft drinks along with snacks are also available. All the items are reasonably priced. Monthly Mess facility is also available for the students as well as staff members


The premises of MRKIET are located near Rewari. Buildings has green environment with huge classrooms, seminar halls with all audio visual equipments. The premises are Wi-Fi enabled. Tutorial rooms, corner discussion area, indoor games and activity centre are other outstanding features of the MRKIET premises.


Language Lab:

Language is the basic tool of effective communication. Thus for effective communication, improvement in the language is necessary. Considering this MRKIET has started Language lab. The purpose behind this is to improve the English language of students.

Computer Center:
  • Number of Computers: 506
  • Number of Computers in Library e. books and on line journals: 23
  • Number of Computers in departmental offices & staff rooms: 180
  • Number of Computers in R&D Cell: 8
  • Number of Servers: 3
  • Connectivity: Optical Fiber, UTP and Wireless
  • License Software: 21
  • Campus Connectivity: Optical Fiber & Wi-Fi
  • Power Conditioner : 165 KVA with ½ Hrs. backup
  • Internet Connectivity: 10 MBPS 24 Hrs. connectivity